A Thimbleful of Song.

Ten tracks of unaccompanied singing released on cassette in 1989 and reissued on CD in 1996.
The themes are varied - seperated and abandoned lovers ('Keep in Touch', 'Once I Loved'), victims of Black and Tan terrorism ('Mac and Shanahan'), sanctuary from the throng on and offshore Atlantic island ('Sceilig Mhichíl'). Catholic Emancipation is treated in the strongly worded political ballad 'Dónall Binn'. Tim's deep love for the Irish tongue and an intensely personal spirituality (Amhrán na Páise') are evidence that he has never lost touch with the rich tradition which he has inherited. His hypnotic rendering of Sigerson Clifford's magnificent 'The Ballad of the Tinker's Daughter', the air to which he composed himself, is truly mesmerising.












The title of this album is taken from another of Clifford's wonderful poems 'The Ballad of the Tinker's Son'. He acknowledges his debt to this great poet with a fine song dedicated to his memory ('Sigerson'). On a lighter note we hear of the wild shenanigans at the Faha Sports (the floor was specially treated, so watch your step!!) or the wry Dublin wit of Brendan Phelan's 'Paddy's Walk to China'.

Whatever the theme, Tim's enthralling voice and poignant singing style show a deep sincerity and an innate ability to capture mood which immerse the listener in the soulful images which he creates.


List Of Tracks:

  1. Once I Loved
  2. Faha Sports
  3. Sceilig Mhichil
  4. Dónall Binn
  5. The Ballad of The Tinker's Daughter
  6. Sigerson
  7. Amhrán na Páise
  8. Paddy' Walk To China
  9. Mac and Shanahan
  10. Keep in Touch:Poem
  11. Keep in Touch:Song


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