The Blue Green Door.

"Always keep in touch my love although we're far apart
Don't let pained indifference occupy the heart
For though our love has still to bloom our thoughts still are as one
Always keep in touch my love from dawn 'til setting sun"












Take A journey through the blue green door and share the intensity and passion, the gentleness and love woven through these lyrics and sung by one of Ireland's most genuine singers.

Tim's album, "The Blue Green Door", is a collection of 13 tracks ranging from original compositions, political songs and amhráin Ghaeilge to poetry set to music. Tim is once again joined by Garry O'Briain who plays guitars, mandocello, keyboards and harmonica and who produced this tracks also feature Jesse Smith (viola and fiddle), Liz Johnston (cello), Tommy Keane (Whistle) and Áine Derrane (backing vocals).

"The Blue Green Door" opens with "The Parted Years", a song dedicated to Tim's late mother Nora, a beautiful singer and a gentle woman with a passion for the simple things in life. "Memorial", another self-penned song was written for Tim's brother and friend, Pat. These are two of Tim's most personal songs to date, both celebrating and cherishing moments of togetherness and sharing, transcending death through friendship and love.The album goes on to tell stories of sea captains (Caiptín Ó Máille), rebels (The Ballad of Johnny Golden & Seán Ó Dhuibhir a' Ghleanna) and a people dispersed (No More). There are songs of love and loss, (Boating On Lough Ree & I Know What I'm Missing0 and tales of misadventures (Wrestling With Rats). "Cry Of THe Mountain" touches on Tim's affinity with the enviroment, a theme already explored on previous albums. Tim wrote it after he had spent some time on Mullaghmore Mountain in the beautiful Burren, inspired by both the rugged, untamed beauty of the ares and the P.J. Curtis poem "The Sound of Stone"...

"Come a little closer and feel the pulse of this perfumed earth
And the heartbeat of these ancient stones.
Stand in the silence and listen to the music that floats on the still air,
It is the sound of the stones singing"
... P.J. Curtis

The Blue Green Door (Songs of Love, Loss and Longing Volume 3).

List of Tracks: The Blue Green Door

  1. I Know What I'm Missing
  2. Carden's Wild Domain
  3. Is Buachaillín Mise
  4. The Parted Years
  5. Caiptín Ó Máille
  6. Wrestling With Rats
  7. Johnny Golden
  8. Boating On Lough Ree
  9. A Rí An Domhnaigh
  10. Seán ÓDuibhir A' Ghleanna
  11. No More
  12. Memorial
  13. Cry Of The Mountai

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